Powdered Food and Drink Mixes

National Lecithin has provided quality lecithin for powdered food and drink mixed for over 45 years. We supply many of the top brands with premium lecithin that promotes ideal consistency, texture and mouthfeel to create delicious products for customers.
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Benefits of Lecithin for Food and Drink Mixes

Think about your last experience with a food or drink made from a powdered base. Whether you’ve made a protein shake to enjoy on the go or you’re adding coffee creamer to your favorite cup, the last think you want is lumps or clumps. You have lecithin to thank for that smooth, uniform consistency you’ve learned to expect and enjoy. Here are just a few of the advantages of incorporating lecithin in powdered food and drink mixes:

  • Increase dispersion ability
  • Aids in mixture emulsification
  • Improves anti-settling properties
  • Reduces lumpy, texturized powders

Examples of Lecithin for Powdered Products

There are many examples of powdered products that take advantage of lecithin’s ability to create uniform consistency. Dairy-alternative foods and drinks—including non-dairy coffee creamer, ice “cream,” plant-based yogurts and other common products—require lecithin to achieve that creamy texture you’d expect from real dairy. Lecithin is commonly used for drink mixes to increase the ability of the powdered product to fully dissolve in a liquid.

In bakery applications, lecithin delivers greater volume in breads, increases moisture retention and aids in ingredient cohesion. In short, lecithin helps give baked goods their characteristic look and feel, all while extending their freshness and shelf life. Lecithin is a valuable ingredient when making the following products:

  • Drink mixes
  • Baked goods
  • Dairy products
  • Infant foodstuffs

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