Lecithin for Paint & Caulking Production

National Lecithin is your one-stop shop for soy lecithin for paint. There are many soy lecithin uses in paint, but you only get to experience the benefits of this element if you invest in quality. We carry industrial-grade soy lecithin that boosts the quality of painting and coating products, increasing corrosion resistance, improving homogeneity and intensifying color, among many other benefits.
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Benefits of Soy Lecithin for Paint

Lecithin is used as a natural emulsifying, anti- splatter additive, and stabilizing agent in paint applications thanks to its anti-settling properties. Lecithin is found in printing inks, water and latex based paints, and caulk compounds.

Not only does lecithin improve the quality of paint products, it’s also good for the environment. Some paint and coating materials contain toxic VOCs that are harmful to the environment. Companies looking to reduce their environmental impact should seek natural solutions when it comes to the sourcing of ingredients, and lecithin helps make that possible.

Improve the Quality of Paint Products

In the paint industry, lecithin is used to form protective coatings for surfaces. Lecithin is an amazing emulsifier, stabilizing and suspending agent that helps maintain a uniform mixture, much like when it’s used in food preparation. Paint companies can add several pigments into the mix without sacrificing the homogeneity of the product. Here are just some of the benefits companies receive when using soy lecithin in paint:

  • Antioxidant properties help to inhibit rust
  • Acts as a color-intensifier
  • Prevents hard settling of pigments
  • Eliminates foam in water-based paints
  • Promotes fast dispersion of latex paints

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