National Lecithin supplies lecithin for cosmetics. Renowned cosmetic brands rely on our lecithin to create healthy, highly beneficial products that set them apart from the competition. Lecithin has many uses in cosmetics, including as an emulsifier, thickener and emollient. We source our lecithin from sustainable, organic sources to ensure you can make the best quality products for your customers.
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Benefits of Lecithin for Cosmetics

Lecithin has antioxidant properties which are beneficial in cosmetics. For many reasons, lecithin is added to cosmetics as a nature emulsifying agent, and as a dispersing agent for pigments. Also, lecithin is naturally found in the body, it works with the skin to restore moisture.

Hydrogenated lecithin is the lecithin used in cosmetics. It’s produced by adding hydrogen to lecithin. When topically applied with a cosmetic product, it softens and soothes skin. At the same time, it creates a protective barrier that locks in moisture, while keeping environmental pollutants out. It’s an excellent addition in products that promote good skin health, including restorative creams or other topicals that address mature or dry skin issues.

Improve the Quality of Cosmetic Products

As an emulsifier for cosmetics, lecithin works well with most ingredients, helping to synergize all the ingredients in a variety of skincare goods. Since most cosmetic products combine water and oil, they need a binder, or an emulsifier to “stick” together. An emulsifier like lecithin stabilizes the product and promotes a consistency in cosmetics. It also helps other active ingredients to penetrate deeper into the skin, improving the overall effectiveness of products. products.

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