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National Lecithin is proud to supply chocolatiers and other confectionery companies with high-quality lecithin for chocolate making. Lecithin is a practical ingredient that enhances the chocolate-making process, lowering the viscosity of chocolate to make it much easier to temper and mold.
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Benefits of Lecithin for Chocolate and Confectioning

Leading confectioners reap a variety of benefits when using soy lecithin in chocolate making. Its primary role is to reduce the viscosity of melted chocolate, and this effect is the result of its ability to reduce surface tension. Lecithin lowers the surface tension of the cocoa butter and reduces its resistance to spread.

Lecithin’s functionality in caramels, toffees, brittles is that of an emulsifier, preventing the fats from separating producing a more tender, richer finished product. It also contains natural antioxidants which help to extend shelf life. The use of 10-15% lecithin in vegetable oil sprayed onto caramel popcorn as a releasing agent results in a product which is more pleasant to eat and, at the same time, easier to package.

Soy lecithin is a fatty substance composed of soybean plant material. While cocoa butter also works in the same capacity, soy lecithin requires a fraction of the amount and is far less expensive as a result. Along with cost savings, there are additional benefits of using lecithin in the making of chocolate and other confectionery products.

Binding Ingredients

One of the primary reasons for using lecithin in chocolate is to reduce viscosity or melting properties. Soy lecithin in chocolate making binds cocoa solids along with the milk and sugar that goes into a chocolate bar or candy. The process improves the finished quality when tempering chocolate. Spreading is much easier and more efficient when soy lecithin is added to the melted chocolate. Typically, a small amount of soy lecithin is added at the very end of the melting process and does not make a great change to the final taste.

Prevents Melting

Using only a small amount of soy lecithin slows chocolate from spreading too rapidly and stops water from seizing or thickening the chocolate. This is ideal for making chocolate as it allows chocolatiers to better control the flow and consistency. Any temperature change to chocolate while in inventory or in shipping can melt the product, leading to damage and potential loss of product. Soy lecithin in chocolate making prevents the product from melting when not desired.

Reducing Risk of Mold and Degradation

Soy lecithin, which is made from soybean oil, increases the viscosity and protects the chocolate surface. Along with minimizing much-dreaded chocolate sugar bloom, the substance inhibits mold and degradation. Soy lecithin also reduces fat bloom by replacing the use of cocoa butter. Fat bloom occurs when cocoa butter melts and re-solidifies in the chocolate. While fat and sugar bloom are not toxic, they are not appealing to consumers.
Improving Shelf Life

Better binding through reduced viscosity of chocolate ensures the finished product has an expanded shelf life. Save on inventory and increase product value with the use of soy lecithin.

Improve the Quality of Confections

Companies that incorporate soy lecithin in the chocolate making process make the bean-to-bar process much easier and much less expensive when compared to other options like cocoa butter. Manufacturers who produce chocolate confections in bulk soon discover that soy lecithin works well through large pipes and machines, ensuring that no product gets stuck in the process of manufacturing.

Soy lecithin also improves the shelf life of any chocolate products. It improves sugar crystallization, keeping chocolate from blooming easily, increasing customer satisfaction and overall profitability for your company.


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