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National Lecithin proudly provides quality lecithin for the cannabis industry.

While THC and other cannabinoids are at the heart of every cannabis edible, including lecithin in your recipes promotes consistency and increases the effectiveness and freshness of every batch.

Adding lecithin to every batch of edibles not only keeps your consumers happy, it also benefits your overall profit by enhancing the freshness and shelf life of products.
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Benefits of Lecithin for Cannabis Edibles

Lecithin plays a key role in edibles as a binding agent and emulsifier. Keeping all ingredients stuck together is crucial for equal and smooth distribution of the cannabis oil.

Since this phospholipid is naturally found in the brain, Lecithin is also known to increase absorption of THC. It’s important to avoid the misconception that lecithin makes THC more potent.

Really, lecithin makes its absorption more efficient and effective.

When making cannabis edibles, the primary focus is on the fat molecules containing THC or CBD, which are the money makers.

Increase the efficiency of edibles through the use of lecithin. Lecithin forms a binding action to help oil and water molecules stick together.

The oil molecules are able to bind to the water molecules, protecting against degradation and mold from developing.

Adding lecithin as a binder in edibles helps products get the longest shelf life possible, further extending their value.

However, for cannabis edibles, there is also an even greater benefit to lecithin.

Increasing Potency of Cannabis Edibles

The binding of lecithin in cannabis edibles, including both sunflower and soy lecithin, increases the potency.

Lecithin improves the rate of absorption of cannabinoids in cell membranes.
Cannabinoids like THC and CBD are fatty acids.

The human body is a water-based membrane. When someone eats an edible containing THC and/or CBD, the body must digest the cannabis edible like any other kind of substance.

Lecithin serves as an emulsifier of these ingredients to aid with absorption in the body. It also produces a product that is easier for the body to digest.

Ways to Use Lecithin in Edibles

The way to use edibles varies on what kind of cannabis edible is in production.

For sugar edibles, such as sour belts or caramels, lecithin is added to both dry and wet ingredients.

This includes lecithin to flour as a dough conditioner and as a binder in place of eggs. In fact, eggs can be used for lecithin.

But you can use both sunflower lecithin and soy lecithin in edibles more efficiently.

Soy lecithin is available in granules and powder, making this form more economical.

For chocolate cannabis products, lecithin is most beneficial for lowering the viscosity of chocolate and improving tempering. This also reduces the blooming of sugar and fat in chocolate.

When working with chocolate, use soy lecithin in place of cocoa butter or in small quantities with cocoa butter. This will help smooth the texture and enhance the mouthfeel of the finished product.

Improve the Quality of Edible Products

Creating edibles is an art form. Cannabis lecithin enhances the structure of edibles.

When added to a mixture before baking, lecithin helps bind particles together.

The finished product is more uniform, which is of utmost importance when you’re creating edibles—accuracy when it comes to dosage is just as important as the potency of your products.

Speaking of potency, lecithin acts to increase potency in edibles in a variety of ways.

It aids in digestion of all ingredients, increasing the bioavailability of THC and other cannabinoids—and it also helps to distribute these important cannabinoids more efficiently throughout the body.

Including cannabis lecithin in your edible recipes also extends their shelf life by preventing the separation of fats from water.

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