Wholesale Lecithin

National Lecithin provides a wide variety of industries with superior wholesale lecithin. Lecithin is an affordable ingredient in many consumer goods, including foods, drinks, cosmetics and paint products, among others.


Food and drink

Our wholesale lecithin is used in a wide variety of food and drink products, including protein powders, processed cheese, ice cream, margarines, soups and much more. We guarantee the highest quality lecithin for food producers. Lecithin is also a key ingredient for dairy alternatives, helping to deliver the sensory performance that consumers expect, including a smooth mouthfeel.

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We provide high-quality lecithin, including soy lecithin, to leading chocolatiers and confectionary companies throughout the country. Lecithin improves the consistency of chocolate, making it more workable for companies producing chocolate products. Lecithin is an affordable and beneficial additive that increases shelf life, and improves appearance in chocolates. It also keeps the other raw materials together when mixed.

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Our lecithin improves both the consistency and effectiveness of cosmetic products. Leading haircare and skincare brands rely on lecithin to create effective that make a meaningful difference in the beauty industry.

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Weed Edible


Delicious and effective cannabis edibles can’t be produced without lecithin. When added to the mix of edibles including baked goods, chocolates and more, it promotes uniform consistency. It even works to increase the effectiveness of edibles, helping the body digest and absorb THC and other beneficial cannabinoids. It also extends the shelf life of edibles.

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Paint and caulk

We carry paint-grade lecithin that leading painting, coating and printing companies rely on. Companies incorporate our lecithin in the paint making process to give their products a smooth, workable consistency. There are many benefits to adding lecithin to paints and coatings, including corrosion resistance, color enhancement and smooth blending of pigments. Lecithin also acts as an environmentally friendly replacement for certain toxic chemicals, reducing harmful VOCs.
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Spray Release Agent

Lecithin is often used as a mold release agent for many different industries, including the spray grease industry. We provide liquid lecithin for use in these products. Our lecithin is often use to create products for quick, easy, and clean release of products from molded plastics.

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National Lecithin is proud to help businesses in a range of industries create products that are healthy both for people and the environment. Whether you’re a producer of cannabis edibles or skincare lotions and creams, our premium organic lecithin makes all the difference in the quality of your products. Call us today at 973-940-8920 to place your order.