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National Lecithin is a trusted supplier of soy lecithin. Many industries, including food and cosmetic production, take advantage of wholesale lecithin. Not only is it good for the body, it also gives products a uniform consistency that consumers have come to expect.

While lecithin is naturally found in soybeans, some extractors use harsh chemical solvents in their processes. Our process creates the healthiest, most beneficial soy lecithin without the use of any chemicals. Not only does this give your products a beautiful, uniform consistency, it also increases shelf life, flavor, and more.

What is Soy Lecithin?

Lecithin is a substance found in animal and plant products used mainly as a food supplement. It is made up of phospholipids, which are chemical substances with the ability to bind to cells. Soy Lecithin is a lecithin that is derived from soy exclusively. It is a plant-based alternative to lecithin made from animal products such as eggs, which is another common source of lecithin.

It occurs naturally in certain substances, but it can also be extracted industrially and processed for numerous health benefits. Other common names for it include soybean lecithin, soy phospholipid.

Processed soy lecithin can either be found in powder or liquid form, depending on the form needed for a specific use. It contains vitamins, choline, and good fatty acids.

The Benefits of Soybean Lecithin

Soy Lecithin contains many nutritional components such as Vitamin E and K, Omega-3 fatty acids and choline. Soy-allergic consumers are still able to consume this type of lecithin since only trace amounts of soy protein are left behind after the extracting process. If you want to reap the benefits of soy lecithin, always go for the organic option over one that’s genetically modified.

Health benefits of Soy Lecithin

Soy Lecithin is widely known to have numerous health benefits. It serves as a lubricant, antioxidant, flavor protector, and emulsifier. This is possible because lecithin is broken down in the body to choline, which is associated with certain benefits.

In the body, choline with its phospholipid properties, helps regulate proper metabolism, makes nerve transmissions easier through the presence of of acetylcholine, helps in the transportation of fat, and maintains cell structural integrity by forming part of the cell membrane.

These benefits can result in improved sleep, lower cholesterol levels, and better liver function. It also helps to reduce cognitive decline. Other benefits can include having better sleeping patterns, reduced anxiety, and reduced inflammation.

Industrial benefits of Soy Lecithin

In addition to health benefits, soy lecithin is also a key ingredient in many industrial settings. It has emulsifying properties that are useful in various contexts. It is also regularly used as an additive with anti-splatter and stabilizing properties.

Soy lecithin is also a good ingredient in substances that need a dispersing agent. In some products, it is also used for crystallization control and to reduce viscosity.

Common Uses for Soy Lecithin

The chemical properties of soy lecithin make it worthwhile for both functional and nutritional purposes. Soy lecithin can be used for cooking, taken as a supplement, or eaten in food, depending on the specific scenario.

Food Mixes

Soy lecithin is used in food mixes to form stable, consistent, and smooth mixtures. It helps get rid of the unpleasant bumps in such mixtures. These might include non-dairy coffee creams, plant-based yogurts, and specific types and flavors of ice creams.


Soy lecithin is also used in baking, helping to make a uniformly consistent dough. The dough made from soy lecithin has a good volume with well-integrated ingredients. Another excellent use for it is in infant foodstuff, which is usually primarily liquid based.

Chocolate Making

Manufacturers use it in the chocolate and confectionery industries for its emulsification properties. Not only does it help in the manufacturing process by reducing instances of the mixture getting stuck in the pipes, but it also provides the assorted health benefits to the eventual consumer.

Used to Extend Shelf Life

The presence of antioxidants helps to extend shelf life, and the crystallization of sugar is made easier because of the lecithin’s crystallization properties. Therefore, products made with soy lecithin see a much longer and stable shelf life.

Making Cannabis Products

Soy lecithin is also used extensively in the manufacture of cannabis edibles. Its binding properties help the cannabis oil and THC spread more evenly throughout the product. It increases the accuracy of the dosage and makes the final product potent.

In the body, it spreads the cannabinoids evenly thanks to the proper distribution of THC. This ensures that the THC is easier to absorb, making it more helpful to the body.

Cosmetic Making

The binding properties of soy lecithin also make it a key ingredient in the cosmetic industry, where it helps to ensure soft and smooth skin in various products.

Liquid and Powder Options Available

We sell and ship both liquid soy lecithin and soy lecithin powder. Either option is a great emulsifier and stabilizer in the creation of a wide variety of products, including cosmetics and confections.

Liquid soy lecithin is particularly helpful in the production of chocolates, cheese, margarine and salad dressing—as an added bonus, it reduces the cholesterol levels of these products. In powdered form, soy lecithin is water-soluble and helps fat and water stay together. It’s excellent for cooking and baking and for creating powdered foods and drinks.

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