Is It Safe to Take Lecithin Supplements?

Lecithin can significantly help, especially if you want to reduce your cholesterol levels. The supplements can be used to treat high cholesterol levels. That is just one of the benefits you can enjoy when taking lecithin supplements. But is it safe to take the supplements? Taking lecithin supplements is safe, although normal doses may still […]

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What is a Lecithin Supplement Good For?

lecithin supplements

Lecithin is a type of photo lipid that naturally occurs in various plants, including soybeans and sunflowers. Its popularity has increased due to its benefits and moisturizing, emulsifying, and stabilizing properties. Lecithin supplements are dietary supplements taken for health reasons and overall well-being. They may be in the form of powder, granules, soft gels, and […]

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Recipes That Include Soy Lecithin

Recipes for Soy lecithin

Soy lecithin is a brown-yellow substance extracted from soybean oil during processing. It is a mixture of phospholipids and other phospholipid compounds.¬†Soy lecithin¬†is used in the kitchen for cooking different dishes, desserts, soups, foams, and sauces. Even though it doesn’t bring many health benefits, it’s extensively used for its delicious and pleasant appearance on foods. […]

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How Much Soy Lecithin Should I Take?

Soy lecithin

Given that soy lecithin is one of the most often used food additives on the market right now, if you read the ingredients on your food labels, you’ve probably come across it. Both traditional and specialty grocery stores carry soy lecithin. But how much soy lecithin is ideal for you? In a nutshell, lecithin does […]

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What Are the Uses of Soy Lecithin?

Soy Bean

Soy lecithin is derived from raw soybeans. Many people wonder if it contains soy, and the answer is yes. The oil is extracted first using a chemical solvent, such as hexane, and then processed through a process known as degumming. The lecithin is separated and then dried. Soy lecithin contains very low levels of soy […]

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