Can You Use Lecithin Pills for Edibles?

Lecithin Pills

Lecithin is a phospholipid, a type of fat. It is an important part of the phospholipid bilayer, which surrounds every cell in the body. Lecithin is also a major component of the lipoproteins that transport cholesterol and triglycerides in the blood. It has a wide variety of uses, such as in paints, lotions, lubricants, detergents, pharmaceuticals, basketball courts and, most recently, in the marijuana edible market. In this article, we explore the use of lecithin in edibles-in particular whether lecithin pills and capsules can be used for edibles.


There are several ways of optimizing, enhancing and improving recipes, dishes and such culinary factors as flavor, texture, presentation. In years past, lecithin has served as a potent secret weapon for use in edibles. During that time, it has largely had natural sources. These have been eggs, avocados, soy and sunflower seed. Traditionally, eggs have been the best source of lecithin to use in edible recipes.


 In recent years, however, sources of lecithin for both manufacturing and culinary purposes have taken industrial origins. This is such that, lately, lecithin has come in capsules and pill forms! Because of this, the question that then arises is, can you use pills and capsules for edibles?

After much consideration and research, our answer to this question is both yes and no. In a nutshell, yes, you can use lecithin pills in edibles, but no, you cannot use lecithin capsules in edibles-unless, if you, in the latter case, break open the lecithin capsule and add the lecithin powder contained therein to the edibles.  Or better still, if the capsule is soluble.

To better understand our argument, you need to first understand how lecithin works to greatly improve the structural integrity of an edible and secondly, the attributes of pills and capsules.

Lecithin, in both its natural and industrial forms, increases the potency of edibles by coming into direct contact with the edible in question. For this reason, it is added directly to the and not insulated from the food. In this regard, it is often used as an additive within food to enable certain ingredients to bind which usually would have repelled each other.  This is especially true of confectionary edibles. A mixture of sugar, cocoa, and flour to make cookies or cakes is often runny, increasing the risk of crumbling. Fortunately, lecithin prevents this and stops the growth of mold, prolonging shelf life as a result. And the reason that it is, is largely because lecithin has been in direct contact with the mixture of edibles. 

Lecithin can be purchased in either the form of a liquid or a powder. Using one of the two is a matter of personal preference. For those of you that are health conscious, you might want to go for the powder lecithin. Powder lecithin contains a lot less fat compared to liquid lecithin.

Lecithin is soluble in both water and oil. It is most soluble in its powder state. In food processing, although not as preferred as sunflower-based lecithin, soy lecithin is commonly found in powder form. For this reason, it is commonly used as an emulsifier in regular baked goods as well as edibles. In baked goods and edibles, it helps bind oil and water, giving your mixture more consistency and preventing the final product from crumbling. It is also used in the same way in beverages and the cosmetics industry. So, can you use pills for edibles? The answer is yes.

In powder form, lecithin has less low-fat content compared to its liquid state. Generally, powder is easier to clean up. In essence, a pill is a hardened powder that can dissolve when added to edibles which have sufficient liquid in them. For these reasons, using a lecithin pill for edibles is possible and plausible. But can you use a capsule for edibles?

By definition, a capsule is a small soluble container usually made of gelatin, that encloses a dose of an oral medicine or vitamin. In the case of lecithin, the capsule would contain lecithin. The question is, given the characteristics of a capsule, can you use lecithin capsules for edibles? The answer is a series of follow-up questions. Will you be adding plenty of water-enough to dissolve the capsule? Do you have an acquired taste for dissolved gelatin in your edibles?  

Alternatively, cannabis veterans on Reddit propose cracking a lecithin pill and pouring the gel into your mixture works well. However, to get the best results, they also advised buying lecithin from suppliers-National Lecithin.

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