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For more than 45 years, National Lecithin has been a trusted lecithin supplier for commercial and industrial businesses. Whether you manufacture cosmetics or paint, or create delicious foods and beverages, lecithin is a valuable ingredient that promotes the proper consistency and freshness. In many cases, it’s the one ingredient that sets the quality of your product apart from the competition. Contact us today to discuss order opportunities.

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National Lecithin is a lecithin supplier with an office in Newton, NJ and warehouses on both the East and West coasts. We work with businesses in all industries, including cosmetic manufacturers, confectioners, paint makers, food distributors and many other organizations looking to create outstanding products with the help of one of nature’s miracle ingredients: lecithin.

industrial-grade lecithin

From producing fine chocolates to dairy-alternative foods and even edible cannabis, lecithin is a key ingredient that emulsifies, binds and improves freshness in a variety of food and drink products. We sell sunflower and soybean lecithin in both powdered and liquid forms. Our cold-pressed extraction process allows us to increase the benefits of lecithin without any harmful added chemicals. The lecithin products we produce are Kosher, Halal and Food Chain Certified, and meet Global Standards for Food Safety.

We also specialize in producing industrial-grade lecithin for the painting, coating and printing industry. Lecithin is a secret ingredient that promotes consistency of paint products, aids in the pigment mixing process, resists corrosion and enhances the vibrancy of colors.

Did You Know: Paint manufacturers rely on our paint-grade lecithin to reduce VOCs in their products.

a superior lecithin product

Whether you need a pails, drums, totes, or even truckloads, we have the stock and the means to get you what you need. When it comes to producing consumer goods that require cohesion, consistency and turbidity, incorporating quality lecithin in your formulations ensures a quality product. Contact us today to learn more about how a superior lecithin product translates into excellence for your manufactured goods.

Our soybean lecithin is high in Vitamin E and K, Omega-3 fatty acids and choline.

Our extraction process results in 100% pure product with no chemicals or additives.

We work with your freight service to coordinate delivery of bulk orders nationwide.

For your convenience, we can satisfy any and all bulk orders, no matter how large.

Trusted Lecithin Distributors

National Lecithin is the trusted lecithin distributor for many well-known brands. Whether you produce delicious confections or premium cosmetics, our lecithin is the key to consistency. With warehouses in New Jersey and California, we’re able to get you your lecithin quickly, no matter where you are in North America. We proudly serve the United States and Canada. Contact us today for more information.