National Lecithin Inc.'s Story
"Leading Supplier of Lecithin since 1976"

At National Lecithin Inc. Customer Service  is a corporate commitment that exceeds customer expectations.

Lecithins are prepared by extracting and purifying phospholipids from naturally occurring products such as soybeans, rapeseed, sunflower and canola seeds. Lecithins have different affinities for water and oil and  are very cost effective.

Lecithins help make chocolate smooth and not separate while manufacturing.  Other common uses are printing ink, spray paints, cooking sprays and margarine.

National Lecithin Inc. offers a wide range of standard products available in liquid, powdered  and granular form.

Our lecithin products from non-genetically modified sources provide customers with two labeling options. GMO negative  is used when a material is tested negative for genetic modification by an outside lab. Non-GMO  is used when materials  are produced without the aid of genetic engineering and are certified by an independent third party.

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